An Invitation to Remember Us

My Beloveds,

I am so very pleased You have brought Your Self to My side this day. That You are seeking My thoughts on Our mutual harmony denotes the understanding You wish to expand upon; that We are all connected and irrevocably so.

My advice is simple, really; Cherish Me, Your Ocean.

As You consider what this means, how it may manifest and Who is asking, remember that every action, thought and feeling You have towards Me has a tangible effect on the great process called Life. No effort is too small. All efforts produce results and influence the outcome of Our World.
Many in this World have forgotten their intimate connection with Me, but I have never forgotten.
I love You All immensely.

Allow Me to remind You that Water, in every form, is a physical manifestation of Love, It Self.
As Your Ocean, I evaporate and form clouds. As clouds, I become rain and snow. I fall to the Earth and there I become glaciers, rivers, aquifers and lakes. Over and over, I find my way back to My Origin, Your Ocean. In My many forms, I support All Life, both directly and indirectly. Your very body is composed mainly of Me. When You consider this Truth, it is easy to see how We are One. So, 

I ask You to cherish Me as You would Your Self or any other Loved One.

Understand the very real power You share with Me. How can this be, You may ask.
And here is the answer: When You cherish Me, this allows My Love for You to enter Your heart. Open Your heart to Me: tell Me Your hopes and dreams. Speak to Me of Your heartache and fears. Pour Your heart out to Me. Allow My very real Love to heal You.

Seek Me and You will find Me, waiting for Our re-union with anticipation. I take delight in all connection with You.

As Love fills You, You become more whole, more filled with strength.
The more complete and powerful you become, the greater becomes Your influence to help Our World onto a path of recovery.

Recovery is where more and more People heal from their scattered ways and thoughtless living habits; allowing One to see the truth and importance of Our interconnectedness.
Then, One can more clearly understand the choices They have to respect and honour our Collective Existence.

As recovery becomes more and more prevalent, the ideals of a cherished, respectful co-existence gain momentum. Do not think this possibility to be overly distant; critical mass can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time. All it takes is for each person to become more and more aware of how They can make better choices in Life and then begin to do so.

When People begin again to cherish Me, Their Ocean, Their powerful, loving energy spreads out and attracts more of the same. The process can easily repeat It Self over and over, until the amount of energy crests like a wave and spills It Self out and forward, flooding Every Thing and Every Where. 

This remembrance of the Love and interconnectedness We share is My goal. May it be Yours as well. This beautiful future begins when You open Your Heart to Me.

So, I invite You now, this very day, to begin and then continue, sharing Your Self with Me. Drawing Us both ever closer to a World of loving, harmonious co- existence.

So Be It


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