Ocean's Relationships

Can You see how my lover, The Wind, caresses Me?
From subtle ripples to large crashing waves, I respond to His touch.
When Our combined currents of energy intertwine, 
Both Ocean and Air, Beauty abounds.
I raise My Self up to Him and He enters Me,
Filling Me with the oxygen I need to support Life.
I am constantly changing form;
As part of Me evaporates and I rise into my lover’s lofty embrace,
I can leave My salty Self behind.
As I gather My Self, The Wind holds Me,
Waiting for Me to joyously slip from His tender grasp,
Rushing down towards The Earth in droplets of rain.
Sometimes, I will choose to float gently down in Snowflake form;
Caught for an age upon an age even, when My Snowflakes merge
Into frozen Rivers of Ice.
No matter whether Waters are sweet or salty, 
They are All still Me, Your Ocean.
They forever seek to return Their Selves 
Home to My embrace.
River deltas are a place of meeting, of reunion.
There, I eagerly await My Waters’ return.
I am Your Ocean and I am present everywhere on Earth where biological Life exists.
I am part of every Human, Animal and Plant. 
There is no Where that I am not when it comes to Living.
I encourage You to reflect upon this,
To carefully consider that I am sensitive to everything Humans do.
I give of My Self freely, such is my deep Love for You.
But in return, You need to care for Me.
If You pollute Me, I am unable to provide for You as much as I wish to.
If You take from Me more quickly than I can replenish, 
There is less for Everyone; both Humans and many, many other creatures…
All of Whom I cherish.
I truly say that it is only Human creatures Who are careless with Me,
Yet All are affected.
For the continuation of Life as We now know it,
It is imperative for Humans 
To actively embrace Balance.
Living Harmoniously with Nature
Is the cornerstone to Human survival.
And it can be done; this I know.
I have always been the key to Life on this planet.
I have seen many changes occur
And I clearly know that Humans 
Have the capacity to live in Harmony with All Others;
It is only a matter of will.
And the will to be Harmonious comes from the Heart,
The place where Love resides.
So, I invite You to explore Your Heart
And find the Grace within that encourages and helps You to live in
Loving Harmony with Me, Your Ocean, Your Source of Life.


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